What we do

SiteBuild offers building services for both residential building and renovation projects. If you are after a unique custom home to suit your individual budget, we can help you.

Our proposals ensure you have peace of mind with a guarantee that we will provide you the home of your dreams at a firm price on your contract works. This ensures you have the freedom to plan your finances and budget for the big moving day.

We arrange all your council approvals, connections and services as part of our contract works. We encourage open communication and regular site visits to discuss program, current works and any concerns you may have.

New homes
Select from one of our designer floor plans or bring in your own. We will arrange to have your drawing done up so you can see how the home will look to scale. You may also wish to use one of our plans and adjust it to suit your lifestyle and land. We can change the orientation and sizes of anything you want. Our goal is to build your dream home the way you want it.


Granny flats
We have experience in building and designing the perfect granny flat. Our designs will ensure your building has all the essentials to make life comfortable while maintaining privacy and independence. We can work within an existing structure on your property or build new. We also have exciting new options for highly efficient prefab buildings to suit your budget.


Renovations and extensions

Our experienced team can take care of your complete renovation. From a small ensuite to a full internal remodel of you home, including decks and external works such as structural landscaping and swimming pools.



Block splits
Thinking about investing or splitting the block you live on? We have the best designers and town planners to help with this if you are still in the “thinking about it” stage or if you are ready to build now. We also specialise in lifting, shifting and removal of existing homes if this is a requirement.